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I'm Shaun, 23. Baltimore, MD. I post skate gifs and have an unhealthy obsession with iced coffee and Jack Daniels. Talk to me.

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Anonymous said: I absolutely LOVE your blog 😌

Thank you! Talk to me sometime (:

Anonymous said: I love your blog! :)

Thank you! It’s great to know people enjoy what I post.
Feel free to talk to me anytime at all, or suggest specific skaters or tricks you’d like to see me post and I’ll add them to my queue when I am able (:

Anonymous said: Where have you been? I missed your posts.

Just been really busy the past few weeks, getting a lot of stuff done. I’m still around to reply to messages and anons, just not nearly as often as before. I’ll be back to the usual either when things slow down a bit for me, or once I finish getting moved in the next few months (hopefully). I’ve been making sure I have a queue full of gifs though, posting twice a day. I’ll try to keep that pace as much as I can so at least something is getting posted.
Don’t let any of that deter anyone though, talk to me or ask me questions as much as you’d like! It might take me longer than usual, but I’ll most definitely reply to everything I receive!